Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip to Long Beach, Washington

Two Saturdays ago, Ryan picked me up and told me we were going somewhere. Our destination, however, was not something I was privy to, so I just went with it. We gassed up, hit the road, and then he told me we could either go up to Mt. Rainier National Forest or to Long Beach. YAY!!! Well it was already 2pm, so Long Beach it is!! I was so excited because we had not been ANYWHERE all summer, despite our good intentions.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I thought we had really lucked out. That was until we reached the Astoria bridge and I saw a huge bank of low clouds toward Long Beach. Uh oh!! For those of you who don't know, the Oregon beach is not like California beaches. Our water is cold and most of the time the weather is just as cold and cloudy. I didn't take this into account when we left Vancouver, because it was a clear, sunny, HOT day.

So we got to Long Beach, and it was COLD and WINDY!! We were unprepared (no sweatshirts and Ryan was wearing shorts), so we didn't spend as much time actually on the beach as we would have liked. We did take a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!!





I should also mention that traffic in Long Beach was a bear. Somehow we managed to end up in Long Beach on the same weekend as the "Rod Run". We saw some really awesome cars, and I even managed to get a few pictures. I'll have to post those later on because I don't have access to them right now.

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Flakymn said...


It's great to meet you! I followed you from my blog! Welcome to the family (and thanks for the great shower gift!) I look forward to getting to meet you sometime in the future!

Wendi Kit.