Monday, July 21, 2008

Off to the "Planning" races...

No pictures to post this time, but figured I should probably write about our weekend.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we're getting married in May. Eeek! It seems so far away...which feels pretty frowny face, if you ask me. On the other hand, it gives me plenty of time to get things done, right?!! NOT SO!!

Ryan starts back to school in about 5 weeks. Which means he also starts basketball, homework, studying, small amounts of work, and the list goes on. This all equals unbridled bits of BUSYNESS for my fiance until the second week of May when he'll be done with the school year. Granted there are definitely a number of things I can get done without him, but he wants to be and I want him to be as involved in the planning as possible.

So, we decided that we would get a few wedding things done early. Over the course of the weekend, we spent ridiculous amounts of time registering at a couple different stores in our area. I wasn't sure how difficult it would be for us to pick colors that we both like, but it turns out we make a pretty good team and we're quite pleased with the decor of each room. All in all, registering was a much bigger task than I had anticipated, but we are mostly done, all thanks to the persistence of Ryan. So, we can check that off the list. CHECK!

We're still trying to decide where to have the wedding and reception. I think we might try and get those details nailed down towards the end of the week. Just one more thing to check off the list...

Well, it's Monday and I have a few things unrelated to the wedding to get done. Signing off for now!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A New Blog/The Proposal

Well, here it is nearly a week after Ryan proposed, and I still haven't posted or emailed pictures out to everyone. So, I figured it might be more fun to create a blog for our family and friends to view. We'll try to keep it updated on a fairly regular basis, but I make no guarantees. I'm totally excited to share our engagement story...

Now, to preface this story, I should tell you that I've been bugging Ryan about a certain piece of jewelry (i.e. engagement ring) for awhile now. For some reason he refused to tell me when he was going to ask, but he really had me believing it was going to be any day now. And then last Friday and Saturday (the 11th and 12th) he had me convinced that he hadn't even bought the ring yet. He said he was going to ask me someday, but not yet. To say I was a bit down in the mouth about the whole deal wouldn't be too far from the truth.

That's okay because I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my family on Sunday. We had decided not to celebrate on the day (July 10th for those that don't know) because of everybody's work schedules. So, when Sunday came around I was ready to party. After church on Sunday, Ryan and I headed up to my parent's house, where we were soon joined by Blake, Vanessa, and my nephew Oscar. We ate pizza and salad on the deck, and then capped it off with watermelon (provided by my best friend and her husband, who joined us later on). It was so nice to sit out on the deck chatting and relaxing in the sun!!!

I can't recall exactly, but I think my dad was the one who suggested that we go down to see the creek that runs along my parent's property. Unbeknownst to me, Ryan had also pre-arranged for Blake to mention this when they were down in the basement playing pool earlier in the afternoon. Everybody was all for it, so on go the shoes (flips for those of us who insist on wearing them) and down the hill we go.

It's a short little jaunt, and we were soon heading back up to the house. My dad, Ryan and I were bring up the caboose, and I remember hearing my dad say he didn't need to be in the back. That did strike me as an odd thing to say, but I didn't really think a thing about it.

Ryan then put his arm around me and said he wanted to see if he could hear the creek from where we were standing. Okay, no problem. He's hugging me, telling me that he loves me so much, over and over again. I can hear that his breathing sounds a little erratic, like he's nervous. Hmmm, what is going on??!!! Then he wants to sit down on a log that I'm sure has been there for a long time, but I've never noticed a single time in the years my parent's have lived there. Okay. So we turn around to sit down... and then...

....We heard a rustle in the bushes and turned around to discover, of all things, a photog taking our picture. Now, I'm no celebrity, so you can imagine it was quite strange to have our picture taken from the bushes. Don't worry it was just my new sister-in-law, Vanessa. I think a little nervous laughter ensued from Ryan and I.

We've just had our picture taken, and Ryan is telling me how much he loves me. (Back to the sitting down part of the story.) He asks me to sit with him on the log on the trail leading down to the creek. The log was dirty (of course) and covered with moss, so I decided to sit down on his lap instead. That's when we both looked up the hill and saw that everyone watching us. Hmmm, this might have been my very first solid clue that something was amiss.

Again, he insists that I sit on the log. Okay, I can do that, no problem. But I wanted to sit on the other side of him, so I could lean against him since we were on a hill. When I stood up and turned around to see where I was sitting, I see Ryan reaching into the bushes behind the log. This was my second clue that something was amiss. I think I even said, "No way!" because I completely thought he was joking around.

So I finally sat down and looked up to find that Ryan has dropped to one knee in front of me. I might have even said, "No way!" again because I still didn't believe it. And then he opens up a little box to reveal a beautiful engagement ring. To which I said, "Seriously?!!!" He told me he loved me, and then asked if I would marry him.

He slipped the ring on my finger, and to my surprise it was a perfect fit!!!

And then I realized I hadn't said yes yet!!! So, in a word: YES!!!!

I love this man so much!!!

I still couldn't believe it!!!

Finally emerging from the woods!! It was so great to have my family and best friend with her husband Tim there to witness such a special moment!! It was quite apparent that they all were in on it!

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Huisman!!!

Can you tell how happy we are??

My mom, dad, and brother in the background. My best friend and her husband Tim celebrating with us. I think I was telling Ryan I had no idea. Again.

Probably telling mom that I had no idea!! Beth and Vanessa were counting by now.

With Blake, Vanessa and Oscar! Dad and Ryan look quite pleased!!!

The ring. Kinda hard to see, but it's incredible!

So Happy!!!!

Finally a picture with my sister!!! I think she was the one behind the camera the whole time!!!

What a great 28th birthday I had!!!

Can somebody tell me what you wish for, when you've already gotten your wish before you wished??

So, there you have it. We're engaged and planning a wedding for May 30, 2009. More pictures to follow!!!